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    There's been a lot of talk lately about the ill that is cheap kayaks in the paddle-sports market. People are walking into their local big box store and scooping up cheap plastic kayaks, alongside toilet paper and kiddie pools. The reigning push-back from the outdoor industry has focused on the manufacturing and the benefit of paying for better quality. Which is fair enough. I like quality gear. I learned that lesson as a rock climber.

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    It's Spring, and the weather seems to be warming up. Time to paddle out and get after 'em if you aren't already. Here's the gear we think will help you be successful. These Kayak Fishing picks are about the gear that will make your time on the water more efficient.

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    Perception Kayaks recently released a video campaign that instantly went viral. "Dont' Get Yakked Off" highlights the problematic trend of cheap plastic kayaks showing up next to the toilet paper aisle in your local big box store. It's a fun little video that also informs. 

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    It has officially begun, the build up to Big Demo Day! Are you ready for fun in the sun?

    Appomattox River Company Big Demo Day 2018 

    June 9th, 2018


    Wilck's Lake, Farmville, VA & The Farmville Store

    614 N Main St

    Farmville, VA 23901

    We stock 2500+ kayaks, canoes, and SUPs by 45+ different vendors, plus 1000's of paddle-sports accessories, and all the manufacturers, from those companies, will be here, demoing and talking about their products. You can try any boat, paddle, etc that you want and then visit our giant warehouses and pick up your new toys on our great Demo Day. We will be posting more info to this page as the event draws near, so check back often.

    We'll have more info posted here as we get closer, including the extensive list of Pros, Industry Pros, etc

    For Directions and Some Helpful Tips and Info Check Below

    We thought we'd lay out a little 411 on the event. It's a busy day and filled with fun and we want to set you up for success when it comes to accomplishing your goal. Most folks come to the Demo Day with a handful of kayaks, canoes, or SUPs on their mind to try. Some folks show up to get their first real taste of kayaking, etc. Some folks show up just to enjoy the outdoors. We welcome you all.
    The following is an attempt to smooth out any questions you may have about how the event goes down and offer a few tips to help you out while you're here.

    The Big Demo Day is out at Wilck's Lake in Farmville off of  W. Third St.

    The Farmville storefront location at 614 N Main St. will be in open and ready to load all the new toys you buy on Demo Day. Plus Yakima and Thule, etc will be on hand to rack you up in the parking lot with new roof top carriers.

    The 411

    When you show up to the island, you'll be directed where to park.

    Walk up to the Check-In tent and fill out your Waiver Form,  or Print it out at home here : Waiver Form and bring it with you. After the Waiver you'll be given a wrist band to wear.

     Next you can pick up a PFD under the pavilion, if you have not brought your own with you.

    From there the island is your oyster. Slurp from that briny goodness. Sorry, wait, the island is actually surrounded by freshwater and is frequented by geese, no oysters, do not slurp the water.
    But there will be hundreds of kayaks, canoes, SUPs, paddles, etc.
    This is the perfect time to try out all those models you've debated buying all spring.


     Helpful Tips and Hints:

    If you are an experienced paddler and have your own gear (i.e. paddle and PFD) you will be able to move past the PFD pickup spot and get right to the Demo stations.

    Wear clothing appropriate to the day. You will be getting in and out of paddle craft so wear the right footwear, some clothes that can get wet, etc. If it's raining bring that parka, and if the sun is blasting, pack the sunscreen.

    If you plan on taking some kayaks home but do not have a rack on your car, fear not. Thule, Yakima and Malone will be on hand at our Farmville storefront to rack up your ride.

    The Farmville storefront can get a little hectic on Demo Day Saturday, so please bear with us when you come to pick up the kayak you purchased on the island. Look for a bright neon ARC Staff shirt and let them know you're looking to pick up your paddlecraft. Have your receipt ready.

    There will be a big contingent of industry pros, athletes, etc  from all brands represented, on the island. It is a unique opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the paddlers who use this gear everyday.

    More to come....

    Places to eat and visit while you are in town:


    119 N. Main St.
    Farmville, Virginia
    Offering Southwestern Tex-Mex influenced cuisine with a tastefully off-center approach
    312 W. Third St.
    Farmville, Virginia
    Third Street Brewing is Farmville, Virginia's first craft brewery and taproom.

    Charley's Waterfront Cafe

    201B Mill Street

    Farmville, VA 23901

    Charley's Waterfront Cafe overlooks the Appomattox River in downtown Farmville and is located in a historic tobacco warehouse. Charley's offers family dining, private banquet rooms, a deck overlooking the river and a tavern. Live music is featured every Friday and Saturday night. A brunch buffet is served on Sundays.

    5169 Farmville Road
    Farmville, VA 23901
    Here at The Fishin’ Pig, we have the finest from land and sea: savory, smoked meats and flavorful, fresh seafood!  The Fishin’ Pig is a southern culinary combination that will delight all the senses!

    The Virginia Tasting Cellar

    201 C MILL ST

    FARMVILLE, VA, 23901

    The Virginia Tasting Cellar is located in pre-civil war, river side mule stables that have been lovingly remodeled. The 15 foot brick arched entry leads into the main communal table space which is flanked by four tasting “wine stables”.   Each stable offers a tasting counter featuring wines from vineyards from all over Virginia.

    The riverside patio lounge features: two fireplaces, porch swings, rockers and couches, and table seating for 50+ guests. The patio is a relaxing and picturesque spot to discover new tastes and enjoy your favorite Virginia wines.

    La Parota

    1503 S Main St

    Farmville, VA 23901

    A local favorite for Mexican food and margaritas all in a casual atmosphere with a friendly staff.
    236 North Main Street
    Farmville, VA 23901
    A gathering place for everyone to enjoy! Stop by and enjoy coffee, tea, live music, soups, salad, sandwiches, ice cream and much more!
    Walker's Diner
    309 North Main Street
    Farmville, VA 23901
    Walker's Diner has been serving great food, fast, in the Farmville Community since the 1950's. Serving a variety of breakfast items, ranging from pancakes to wraps, to platters and sandwiches. Stop in for  fresh hand pattied burgers and homemade house specialties.   No one is a stranger as you dine in the one-of-a-kind 15 stool diner.

    11th Annual Goshen Race

    11th Annual Goshen Race

    Spring is when life re-emerges from the cold, dark ground in a bright, colorful declaration of life and hope. Every spring we wait faithfully for the re-emergence of wildflowers and wildlife, mushrooms and migratory birds. And like the emergence of mushrooms or spring flowers, the Goshen Race is something that cannot be predicted or scheduled. The Goshen Race just … “occurs.” When certain flows occur on a certain day of the week, at a certain time of the year...the Race is on. This is not an organized event. This is not an official gathering. This is a spontaneous mass-occurrence of colorful kayakers and canoeists suddenly emerging from hibernation and rejoicing in the coming of springtime!

    The unpredictable nature of a whitewater race on a natural flow river, like the Maury River, can be a challenge. We are all busy folks and even this time of year other endeavors call out for attention: the remains of the ski season, flows on other rivers and creeks, and the usual weddings/birthdays/chores... It is the CORE paddler who can drop everything and drive an hour or more to the river on a cold morning with short notice. And it is the CORE paddlers who make this race what it is: Local paddlers sharing their local river with all-comers, and celebrating the river community and the coming of spring. This year was no exception. A heavy, wet snowfall blanketed much of south-west Virginia while much of the state didn’t even get rain. So it was a bit of a surprise when flows bumped-up on Saturday and opened the “race window” for the next day. We expected a small crowd due to the short-notice and cold temperatures, but – to our surprise – two dozen paddlers lined up at the top of Goshen Pass to give it a go. Spectators staked out the choice photo locations high up on the sides of the river. A drone hummed quietly over Corner Rapid.

    Like a field of new wildflowers – or a flock of migrating songbirds in colorful spring plumage – the mass-start of so many canoeists and kayakers is a striking sight to behold. From the flurry of wind-milling paddles, Charlottesville’s Tate Huffman emerged from the pack right away and kept that lead for over two miles; taking the golden paddle 1st place trophy for a second year in a row. Young Isaac Hull, from Richmond, took home the “Not Gordon” 2nd place trophy, and Cody Adams, from West Virginia was just 16 seconds behind, for 3rd place. Samantha Belcher, of WVa, represented the Women’s Class for a respectable 8th overall finish. Cameron Hall took first among the “short boats” in a Pyranha Machno, with Andrew Koehn and Robb Faulkner not far behind for 2nd and 3rd, in another Machno and an Antix.

    The Maury River in particular, and Virginia in general, have a strong tradition of open canoeing. The Goshen Race has had good participation from the single-blade crowd since the beginning. Indeed, canoeist Phillip “Flip” Merica – a longtime Goshen regular – is the only person to have paddled in every Goshen Race since the first one in 2007! This year Travis Overstreet showed up to take 1st in the OC-1 class, with Lee Williams and “Flip” taking 2nd and 3rd.

    The cold morning turned into a bright, warm, bluebird day with no wind. Flows were good and it is safe to say, “A good time was had by all.” The 11th annual Goshen Race was a surprise – just like the first trout lily blooms popping up out of the snow. And it was a surprise success!

    Thank you to Appomattox River Company and Pyranha Kayaks for their ongoing support of the best kayak/canoe event in Virginia! And thank you to Josh Tracy, Yarra Acker, and David Bruce for their assistance with Goshen Race 2018!


    Race Results:

    11th Annual   3/25/2018   820 cfs ~Time Boat
    1 Tate Huffman 13:22 Perception Wavehopper 1st Overall/Long
    2 Isaac Hull 13:46 Dagger Green Boat 2nd
    3 Cody Adams 14:02 LL Stinger 3rd
    4 Ciaran Brown 14:10 Dagger Green Boat
    5 Seth Lively 14:17 Dagger Green Boat
    6 Cameron Hall 14:43 Pyranha Machno 1st, Short Boat
    7 Nick D'Addario 14:51 Dagger Freefall LT
    8 Samantha Belcher 15:06 Dagger Green Boat 1st, Women's Class
    9 Andrew Koehn 15:46 Jackson Antix M 2nd, Short Boat
    10 Robb Faulkner 15:59 Pyranha Machno 3rd, Short Boat
    11 Steve Kvech 16:07 Dagger Green Boat
    12 Mike Kalanick 16:16 LL Flying Squirrel 95
    13 Erik Bailey 16:18 Pyranha Burn III
    14 Will Hagy 16:25 Fluid Bazooka
    15 Travis Overstreet 16:30 Silverbirch Rebel OC-1 1st, OC-1
    16 John Moran 17:07 New Wave Cruise Control
    17 Dallas Curry 17:08 Waka Gangster
    18 Stephen Wiegandt 17:36 Dagger Mamba
    19 Sam Carter 17:42 Pyranha Loki
    20 Ian Fuze 18:02 LL Remix
    21 Lee Williams 18:09 Dagger Prophet OC-1 2nd, OC-1
    22 Phillip "Flip" Merica 18:24 Pyranha Prelude OC-1 3rd, OC-1
    23 Chris Moczydlowski 19:01 Wavesport Diesel 60
    24 Jeff VanderKooy 22:16 Pyranha Burn M
    Thanks to: Josh Tracy, David Bruce       and Yanna Acker - Thanks for timing us!

    Who will take the trophy next year? Will someone unseat repeat champion Tate?