** Mask Policy - You Must Wear a Mask to Shop In Store
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    Store Operation Update - 04/07

    Store Operation Update - 04/07
    Despite our huge inventory, we are a small business, and this health crisis impacts us greatly. We are so very grateful for all the folks shopping with us, online, over the phone and in person.

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    Updated COVID-19 Guidelines for Kayak Sales

    Updated COVID-19 Guidelines for Kayak Sales

    First off, we want to say, "Thank You!" We've felt the love from all y'all that have shopped with us over the last few weeks. These are wild times, and we truly appreciate all the support. One thing remains constant, getting outside in a responsible way continues to be an excellent option for social distancing and maintaining sanity. Paddlesports lend themselves rather well to the idea of getting away from folks. Everybody can have their own kayak and maintain proper distance while having fun outdoors. And we want to be here to help y'all find those moments of solace. 

    The Latest News in Va:
    The Governor just announced a Stay-At-Home order in EO #55. The specifics in relation to retail remain largely the same as before. Brick and Mortar can stay open if they continue to keep patronage in the store down to 10 or less. Now that guideline comes along with the newly announced stay-at-home order. We are being asked to stay home to flatten the curve of this virus. We intend to do our part in so much as we can.

    So new guidelines and the latest news from our stores:

    Our Ashland store is closed until further notice. We will be running free deliveries on kayaks, canoes, and SUPs into the Richmond area for the immediate future. If you are shopping online and your zipcode falls into the free delivery area you will see a Free Freight option on page 2 of the checkout. You can always call us as well 800-442-4837. Those deliveries will happen once a week on Thurs. One of our drivers will deliver your kayak, calling when he is near. The driver will unload the kayak. You are encouraged to be there but it is not necessary. The driver will maintain safe 6 ft distance. 


    Our Hampton store is scheduled to be open this week for kayak pickups as well. You can shop online and chose In Store PickUp for Hampton. Those kayaks will be there on Friday of every week as we run a truck from Farmville to Hampton once a week. You can also call the Hampton store to find out what they have in stock. You can purchase over the phone and schedule a pick up time. The kayak will be brought out to your car and loaded for you. If you have your own straps you can get out after our staff has backed away from your vehicle, and you can strap it in. If you need us to tie it down, communicate that over the phone before arriving for pickup.

    Our Farmville store is scheduled to be open this week for kayak pickups, and for shipping out orders. We will continue shipping out kayaks and gear across the lower 48. You can also shop online for In Store PickUp in Farmville and we can schedule your pickup so that you do not have to get out of the car. Our staff will load the kayak, etc as you sit in your car. If you have your own straps to tie it down that can be communicated before pickup and when our staff distances themselves you can get out and tie on your kayak. If you need us to tie your kayak on, you will need to remain in the car as we do that. 

    In Store Shopping:

    We are closing our doors to walk in traffic in both Hampton and Farmville. We have found it difficult to maintain proper distancing during the past week. If you want to come in and see product, you must call in advance and schedule an appt to come in and shop. Our staff will maintain a safe 6ft distance as they walk you around the warehouses or store. And we ask that you touch product as little as possible.. All purchases will need to be completed online / over the phone / or by vocalizing your CC info instead of passing cards if possible. We will accept any payment and have gloves and hand sanitizer but we are mindful of preserving our supplies. All of this is to protect our staff and you from potentially spreading anything. We want to do our part to help flatten the curve of this infection so as not to overwhelm our healthcare system. But we also want to help people maintain their sanity and recreate in the outdoors. So these are our current guidelines. Please help us make this work. We appreciate all y'all.

    Thank you

    Appomattox River Company 

    ** PS :  We have partnered up with Recover Sustainable Apparel to sell some PaddleVa Flag T-Shirts. These shirts with our most popular PaddleVa logo are not being sold anywhere else currently. For each shirt sold in the next two weeks, Appomattox River Company will receive $10. We will in turn use that money to buy Gift Cards to our local Farmville restaurants to show them our love. We will then gift those cards to our customers who shop with us. So jump in there and get a sweet Paddleva Flag shirt and help us support our amazing local restaurants! 


    Kayaks and COVID-19 Guidelines For PaddleVa

    Kayaks and COVID-19 Guidelines For PaddleVa
    These are interesting times for us all. COVID-19 is impacting every segment of our lives. We won't hit ya with all the recommendations again because we are sure you've seen them. And if you have not, go to the CDC site or the VDH site. We do want to fill you in on the precautionary steps we are taking.

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    Old Town Drops Big News at Bassmaster Classic

    Old Town Drops Big News at Bassmaster Classic

    Old Town Canoe & Kayak  have secretly been working on a groundbreaking collaboration between Minn Kota and themselves. Now Old Town has previously utilized this partnership, but this collab is a whole new ball game.

    I had the chance to try out the Sportsman 106 Minn Kota and the AutoPilot 120 and AutoPilot 136 some time back in Florida and was blown away. The AutoPilot with Spot-Lock is amazing, and the new Minn Kota model is just plain fun!

    Check them out here and watch the videos below. We'll be updating this page as the day progresses.




    Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120 and AutoPilot 136 - The Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot is a high-end, high tech fishing rig that uses Minn Kota's Spot-Lock Technology that enables fisherman to motor to their fishing spot faster and effortlessly keeps them there. Anglers can command the kayak with the touch of their thumb using the I-Pilot remote. The patent pending AutoPilot revolutionizes kayak fishing, delivering the most advanced fishing platform on the market.



    Old Town Sportsman 106 Powered by MInn Kota - This is one fun motorized kayak! The all new Old Town Sportsman 106 Powered by Minn Kota is an easy - to -use motorized fishing platform that is compact and brimming with premium features, enabling maximum fishing time without the hassle or clutter found in other motorized models on the market. The low profile 45lbs. thrust saltwater-ready Minn Kota is intuitive and easy to use, controlled by a boat style throttle control. 45lbs 12v Minn Kota Motor