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    "It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year!"
    And it's not too late to order boats and accessories to meet your holiday needs. We are offering FREE local deliveries in the Central Virginia area. Place your boat order no later than December 21st. We will store boat(s) until Santa's sleigh makes deliveries on Thursday, December 22nd. Call for details and to make arrangements. 1(800)442-4837
    It's Official!
    Our Midlothian store will officially reopen tomorrow, Thursday December 15th, 2011.

    14213 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113

    Regular Hours: Thursdays: 11am - 6pm
    Fridays: 11am - 6pm
    Saturdays: 9am - 5pm
    Business hours through the holidays will be as follows:
    Thurs. Dec. 15th: 11am - 6pm
    Fri. Dec. 16th: 11am - 6pm
    Sat. Dec. 17th: 9am - 5pm
    Thurs. Dec. 22nd: 11am - 6pm
    Fri. Dec. 23rd: 11am - 6pm
    Sat. Dec. 24th - Christmas Eve: 9am - 12pm (all stores)
    Thurs. Dec. 29th: 11am - 6pm
    Fri. Dec. 30th: 11am - 6pm
    Sat. Dec. 31st - New Year's Eve: 9am - 12pm (all stores)
    Upcoming News!
    Exciting changes are in the works for our Newport News location.
    More details coming soon!

    As the year draws to an end, Appomattox River Company would like to thank our customers for making 2011 a success, and we look forward to fulfilling your boating needs in 2012!


    Dagger Green Boat

    The Green Boat is named for the Green River and the Green Race which takes place annually in Western North Carolina. This year's race will take place Saturday November 5, 2011, and the Green Boat has been designed specifically to carry boaters to a swift finish. Just ask Andrew Holcombe, Team Dagger athlete, who currently holds the Green Race record while paddling the Green Boat! In addition to being the ideal Green Race boat, the Green Boat is a notably large white-water boat. It is the only racing white-water creek-style boat currently produced. The Green Boat is roomy, fast, forgiving and is big enough for multi-day white-water trips. In addition, it comes in green AND red! Click here to see all Dagger boats!


    The Ultimate 12, proudly made in North Carolina, is a great, stable cross between a canoe and a kayak. It offers the high deck and dryness of a canoe with the portability of a kayak. The Ultimate 12's double concave hull design allows stability whether the paddler is standing or sitting, and the raised seat allows for ease in transition from a seated to a standing position. In addition, the Ultimate Seat is the most comfortable seat in the paddling industry.

    Ultimates are outfitted with Adapt-a-Track, a unique channel that is installed around the exterior of the hull. This channel can be utilized to attach a wide variety of accessories, via molded clips of different lengths and snap in, easily. Adapt-a-Track accessories include 5 sizes of spray skirts to keep paddler warm and dry.

    Ultimates are offered in two materials: polyethylene or Tegris which is extremely light-weight.

    Click here to see all Native Watercraft products.


    Hurricane Santee 116

    Lately, I have been really enjoying the Hurricane Santee 116. The roomy cockpit and comfortable seat make it a relaxing way to while away an afternoon. The ABS construction allows me to not cringe everytime I bump a rock or stump and its extreme initial stability further enhance my experience. Click here to see all Hurricane Aqua Sport boats.

    Hurricane kayaks use a special, innovative material to thermo-form their Kayaks. It's called Trylon, and if you haven't heard of it or haven't paddled it, your life is somewhat incomplete. Trylon has a laundry list of advantages over polyethylene, roto-molded kayaks. Here are just a few:

    • Trylon is lightweight. In fact, Hurricane boats weigh an average of 10 pounds less than comparable boats. Think about it. . .you won't get a hernia strapping boats on the racks. And if you're a female paddler, you won't stuggle to get your boat to the water.
    • Trylon is rigid. Hurricane Kayaks - recreational, sport, open, fishing kayaks have very little flex, which translates into good news when you're on the water. Think efficiency.
    • Trylon is gorgeous. Hurricane hulls sport a beautiful, high-luster appearance you'd swear was composite. But unlike composite, Trylon hulls won't fade or turn brittle in the sun.
    • Tylon resists warping. Hurricane hulls retain their shape forever without oil canning. If a polyethylene manufacturer makes that claim, he’s been in the sun too long.
    • Trylon reduces friction. More glide. Less drag. Equals more fun.
    • Trylon requires little maintenance. A Hurricane hull is easy to keep looking good and paddling hard. And if you need to make repairs, Trylon is easy to fix.