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    The Ultimate 12, proudly made in North Carolina, is a great, stable cross between a canoe and a kayak. It offers the high deck and dryness of a canoe with the portability of a kayak. The Ultimate 12's double concave hull design allows stability whether the paddler is standing or sitting, and the raised seat allows for ease in transition from a seated to a standing position. In addition, the Ultimate Seat is the most comfortable seat in the paddling industry.

    Ultimates are outfitted with Adapt-a-Track, a unique channel that is installed around the exterior of the hull. This channel can be utilized to attach a wide variety of accessories, via molded clips of different lengths and snap in, easily. Adapt-a-Track accessories include 5 sizes of spray skirts to keep paddler warm and dry.

    Ultimates are offered in two materials: polyethylene or Tegris which is extremely light-weight.

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    Hurricane Santee 116

    Lately, I have been really enjoying the Hurricane Santee 116. The roomy cockpit and comfortable seat make it a relaxing way to while away an afternoon. The ABS construction allows me to not cringe everytime I bump a rock or stump and its extreme initial stability further enhance my experience. Click here to see all Hurricane Aqua Sport boats.

    Hurricane kayaks use a special, innovative material to thermo-form their Kayaks. It's called Trylon, and if you haven't heard of it or haven't paddled it, your life is somewhat incomplete. Trylon has a laundry list of advantages over polyethylene, roto-molded kayaks. Here are just a few:

    • Trylon is lightweight. In fact, Hurricane boats weigh an average of 10 pounds less than comparable boats. Think about it. . .you won't get a hernia strapping boats on the racks. And if you're a female paddler, you won't stuggle to get your boat to the water.
    • Trylon is rigid. Hurricane Kayaks - recreational, sport, open, fishing kayaks have very little flex, which translates into good news when you're on the water. Think efficiency.
    • Trylon is gorgeous. Hurricane hulls sport a beautiful, high-luster appearance you'd swear was composite. But unlike composite, Trylon hulls won't fade or turn brittle in the sun.
    • Tylon resists warping. Hurricane hulls retain their shape forever without oil canning. If a polyethylene manufacturer makes that claim, he’s been in the sun too long.
    • Trylon reduces friction. More glide. Less drag. Equals more fun.
    • Trylon requires little maintenance. A Hurricane hull is easy to keep looking good and paddling hard. And if you need to make repairs, Trylon is easy to fix.